The Addition of our NEW Distributor Membership

Dear Membership and Prospective Members,

The National Association of Pipe Fabricators (NAPF) is pleased and excited to announce the addition of a NEW Distributor Membership category to the organization.  

The Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pump / Lift Station industry is evolving rapidly.  With the consolidation of businesses serving our industry, the expansion of market opportunities will continue to impact our membership and growth potential.   It is important the association and its membership recognizes these changes and continues to strive to serve the industry and the growing trends in the market.  

During the Past two Board meetings, it became apparent that we needed to welcome Distributors to the fold, so they can stay abreast of what Fabricators, Associate Members, AWWA, DIPRA, DEP and Engineers are working on.  Distributors are very much a part of this industry and we would like their involvement and input going forward. The Distributor category was discussed, voted on and approved at our annual meeting in Palm Springs 2016.  We were then able to approve our first Distributor member at the September Board meeting in Newport, Rhode Island.  We are proud to welcome H.D. Supply Waterworks to the Association.   

The annual NAPF meeting is coming in February from the 15th to the 17th at the Naples Grande Resort, Naples Florida following the WASDA meeting.  We would ask that any Distributor that is involved or has an interest in the Treatment Plant and Pump station supply of material, consider attending our annual meeting and consider becoming a member of NAPF.  This can be accomplished several ways:

  1. Meet and Greet Reception Event – Wednesday February 15th.   Join us for an exciting opportunity to meet our current membership.
  2. Register for our 40th Annual NAPF Membership Meeting – Partake in the full meeting including the meet and greet, as well as, the informative programs on the 16th and 17th.
  3. Contact Kay Dasch our Executive Director, or myself Joe Palombo Board Chairman, and inquire how the Association can help you and your company.  Talk to us about attending our meeting as a guest to get a flavor and feel of the content offered to our members.  

We are happy to be able to open up this category for several reasons; none more important than to make sure that everyone involved has a chance to grow with the group, keeping up with changes and tendencies while building on the many important solutions to issues that have been addressed over the last 40 years.  Please see the “Membership Advantages” information guide.  

I Hope to see you at the next meeting so we can talk about adding you to the Association as our newest DISTRIBUTOR MEMBER.


Joseph Palombo
Board Chairman

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