40th Annual 2017 February NAPF Membership Report

40th Annual National Association of Pipe Fabricators
Membership Conference Report
February 16 and February 17, 2018 Naples Grande Resort and Spa, Naples, FL

1. Opening Remarks – Kay Dasch
2. Introduction of new NAPF Director, Kay Dasch and Assist’ to the Director, Diane McAllister
3. Welcome – Joe Palombo, NAPF Chairman
4. Antitrust – David Houghton, NAPF Attorney
5. Committee Reports
5.1. Financials – Danny Swalley
5.2. Membership – Dan Henrie
5.3. Meeting – Ed Morrison
5.4. Technical – Ted Muntz
6. NSF Updates – Theresa Bellish, General Manager, Municipal & Recreational Water Program
7. Specification Rubber Products – Tony Carson
8. EGW – Phil Wiegers, President
9. Announcements – Kay Dasch
10. Adjourn for Golf Tournament and Ladies Luncheon

11. Call to Order – Kay Dasch
12. Jobsite Investigation & Documentation, Dick Rowell, JD, P.E.
13. Flange Tyte II, Dick Rowell, U.S. Pipe
14. Board Elections:
14.1. Re-elected Greg Adams; Dan Henry; Danny Swalley. Newly Elected: Bob Zeeb
15. Sustainability and Ductile Pipe, Paul Hanson, PE, DIPRA
16. Closing Remarks, Joe Palombo Chair, Kay Dasch Director
17. Adjourn
Next NAPF Membership Conference will be held at the Renaissance Indian Wells Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, California ~ February 28th thru March 3rd, 2018.

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