Electrosteel USA

Pure ore is the ideal material for producing ductile iron pipe and fittings. That’s why it’s the primary ingredient in Electrosteel’s AWWA products. But long before anything is cast, we take time to innovate the products our customers need. Then we take the necessary steps to insure every product represents...

Tyler Union

Tyler Union – Quality Waterworks Products. www.tylerunion.com

McWane Ductile

For generations, McWane Ductile has been an industry leader in water distribution and infrastructure that provide plumbing and clean water works systems. The company’s modern facilities offer 3″ to 36″ ductile iron pressure pipe and fittings to meet customer needs throughout the United States and Canada. Until recently, the company...

U.V. International, LLC

A Leader in Waterworks Flanges, Fittings and More Located in Morristown, New Jersey, U.V. International has been manufacturing and distributing flanges, fittings and engineered castings to the North American agriculture, construction, lighting and water/sewage industries for over 37 years. U.V. International is a full-service manufacturer and distributor with 9 distribution...

Liberty Coatings

Liberty Coating is the East Coast’s premier applicator of industrial coatings for the oil, gas, and water industries. Located on 35 acres with 6 coating buildings covering over 110,000 square feet, Liberty Coating Company is a leader in the coating application industry. It is proud to be an industry recognized...

U.S. Pipe Fabrication

With eleven locations, U.S. Pipe Fabrication is the largest independent ductile iron pipe fabricator in the United States. Since our beginning in 1991, it has been our mission to provide the finest fabricated products along with excellent local service across the United States. U.S. Pipe Fabrication has revolutionized the ductile...

SIGMA Corporation

SIGMA Corporation offers a wide range of waterworks, fire protection, and OEM products for customers at home and abroad. SIGMA’s innovative quality and supply chain processes have made us an industry leader, and we continue to develop new products and services, meeting the changing needs of our valued customers every...

SIP Industries

SIP Industries / Serampore has been a manufacturer of quality castings since 1960. Products include Ductile Iron waterworks Fittings and Accessories, Ductile Iron Flanges, Joint Restraints, Municipal Castings. Joint Restraints and Municipal Castings available MADE IN USA!!

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